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Imaging Supplies Ltd - Environmental Policy

We at Imaging Supplies Ltd understand the importance of our responsibility and
role in protecting the einvironment.

We aim to support the environment by commiting to -:

   - Bring waste to a minimum
   - Recycle materials to a maximum
   - Train employees in good environmental practices
   - Ensure that Government envrionmental regulations are met and upheld.

Manufacturing Information

   - The Process used to manufacture out Acuprint toners is not considered to have
     any injurious impact on the environment.

   - Our product can be dismantled into individual parts where most components can
     be recycled.

   - Our products are water based and contain natural dyes. No harmfull material is used.

Honouring this policy enables Imaging Supplies and it's employees to make significant
changes to the quality of the environment.

If you have any queries about our environmental policy, please do not
hesitate to contact us on 0800 731 6121.